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To be great in the dental profession is to consistently strive for and achieve excellence. In general practice I think it is to exude passion and attain a level of care that is openly talked about. To be willing to learn from mistakes. To be able to help who you can when you can and try when you can’t. To be honest, cautious and humble. To practice patient led care.

I do not by any means feel that I am a great dentist, but on this life long journey I believe I am taking strides to at least attempt to become one. I’ll continue to listen to my patients’ encouragement, read their lovely testimonials and cards, and remember their kind words as I take steps to further educate myself as to how best to improve the standards of care I provide.  I am always grateful to receive feedback on all services.  Very occasionally, instances can arise where for whatever reason a patient may not be completely satisfied with any aspect of treatment or services provided.  Please be aware that there is a stringent practice policy on handling complaints.  Please be open and honest and I shall do my best to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Dr Maggie Andi Cosmetic Dentist

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