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Please note that some treatment options do not require an initial consultation. This will be made clear when booking.


Emergency Consultation

Can’t wait, won’t wait? Same day appointment


Simple Examination

Comprehensive oral health assessment


Full case Assessment

More detailed oral health assessment for more complex treatment planning


Dental Laser Consultation

Find out about how modern dental lasers can improve your dental health


Sedation consultation

Do you think you’ll need treatment under sedation? Find out during a chat with the dentist


Children’s Fun Check up

Bring a favourite toy and your toothbrush along. Race the fun timer.

Free on NHS

Insurance Work Consultation

All insurance companies covered including Bupa, Cigna,Axa PPP,EMBASSY REFERRALS


Tooth Wear Consultation

Assessment of worn teeth including causes and possible treatment options


Routine Dentistry

Fissure sealant restorations

White material which seals and protects vulnerable teeth.



Rebuild broken teeth with beautiful porcelain or gold.

From £350

Mercury Free fillings

Cosmetic white fillings for the discerning patient. Contains no amalgam material.

From £80


Porcelain or gold hard wearing full or partial tooth coverage.

From £450


Fill in those gaps. A long lasting alternative to implants made out of reinforced porcelain

From £450 per Unit


Thumbnail type cosmetic porcelain shaped to fit over minimally prepared tooth/teeth.

From £400

Root Canal treatments

To treat severe toothache and/or infection. Excludes wisdom teeth.

From £250

Laser treatments

A range of treatments available using our modern dental lasers including gum reshaping

From £150-295

Laser treatments for infection

Lasers are fantastic at treating infected areas of the teeth and gums.

From £120

Simple extraction

Quick removal aided by a special pain free method. Ask for details.

From £80

Complex surgical extraction P.O.A referral

Popular choice amongst patients with dental insurance. Ask for details.

Ask for details


Comfortably fitting removable and fixed options available in various materials.

From £350-900

Anti snoring devices

If you are seriously considering reducing snoring then speak to Maggie

From £500

Occlusal splints

Custom made splints to improve the stability of teeth. Several types available.

From £200

Mouthguards for sports/tooth wear

Protect teeth from impact injuries through sports or clenching/acid attacks.

From £150


The closest thing to having your natural teeth again. Involves surgery.

From £1100

Cosmetic Treatment 

Express Scale and Polish

15 minute clean up with after care instructions


Express simple stain removal

20 minute treatment including removal of tea,coffee,tobacco,red wine stains


Express advanced stain removal

As above but a 30 minute appointment including oral hygiene instruction.


In house laser whitening

Use of a heat activated whitening gel and laser. Lasts 24-36 months.

From £550

In house Organic whitening

Get teeth supremely white in just one hour. Lasts 4-6 months.

From £150

Home whitening

Custom made trays and take home gels with instructions.

From £250

Internal bleaching

Inserting bleaching agent into a discoloured tooth to lighten it from the inside out.

From £250

Facial aesthetic options

From simple non-surgical to surgical correction of jowels, noses and chins.

From £250

Inman Aligner

Straighten teeth rapidly within 6- 12 weeks simple to complex cases. Removable.

From £1750

Clear Aligner Treatments

Correct minor discrepancies quickly including free simulaneous whitening.

From £600

Cfast rapid straightening

Great system using fixed bonded clear braces. Mostly 4-8 weeks to completion.

From £1500